Arthur Murray Greenwich Group Class Calendar

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Group/Practice Calendar


These Group Classes introduce students to the dance families: Swing, Smooth, and Latin. Focus is on basic pattern, lead and follow and repetition.

All Levels Group Class

These intermediate Group Classes can include both Foundation and Medalist level students. They introduce basic steps to new students while incorporating technique and styling Medalist students.

Bronze Medalist Group Classes

The Bronze Medalist Group Classes (Levels progress 1 through 4) are available to students who had advanced into their Medalist program. These classes emphasize Styling, Technique, and Character of each dance. (Students are requested to attend the class level for which they are currently enrolled, unless otherwise directed by their instructor or counselor.)

Style and Technique Group Class

A bronze 1 and above class, the emphasis of instruction here is on the finer points of technique in a specific dance or dance-family. Arm Styling Latin Cuban motion, footwork, Body and Leg Action, Advanced Top Line and Frame are among the areas covered. This is essential for the Medalist and/or Competitive dancer, as well as being a great asset to someone very new to the Medalist program or to the student who is striving to become a great social dancer.

Practice Parties

Explained on prior page. All levels are welcome to these sessions.

Guest Open House

Guest Open House are held periodically. These events includes special dance numbers by students and/or staff, mini Group Classes and/or level demonstrations. Remember to tell friends and family about our exciting Referral Special! Foundation Students are welcome.