Group Classes & Practice

Hone your skills with our nightly group classes, learn technique and the next steps to your favorite dances. Meet new friends and learn to be able to lead/follow anyone, anywhere.

Group Class Benefits
Group Classes are an important part of any student’s dance program. The most improved dancers in the school are those attending Group Class on a regular basis.
  • Group Classes reinforce what students learn in their Private Lessons
  • Group Classes provide extra practice, which turn conscious thoughts of movement into natural muscle memory.
  • Group Classes provide experience for crowded dance floor conditions.
  • Group Classes allow students to practice dancing with a variety of partners – thereby they also meet the student body. In most social situations, it is more practical to be able to dance with more than one partner.
  • By attending, students gain exposure to new dances not necessarily included on their programs.
  • All of our Group Classes are fun and easy!

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