Is your corporate culture tired of the same old bonding exercises?

The Arthur Murray Grande Ballroom of Greenwich has the solution!

Team Building through Ballroom Dancing.

Dancing is a brilliant and fun way to break down barriers, guide staff members safely outside their comfort zone while getting exercise, bonding, learning about themselves and co-workers while growing as individuals and teammates, proving that every great journey, new experience and effective change truly does begin within and with one step at a time.

The Arthur Murray Grande Ballroom Team Building Program develops working teams from varying backgrounds and positions within the corporation.

Both verbal and physical communication and the ability to anticipate will be enhanced, relationships, self-esteem and social awareness will be strengthened, as they listen, learn, persevere and master the ability to lead/follow and support their partner and teammates.

The program is divided into three phases.

The First Phase:

Meet and Greet Group Class Mixer of one particular dance including a routine of turn patterns, body and arm motions/styling – it is here where the bonding begins; encouraging each other, the stronger will help those in need and team spirit will begin to form.

The Second Phase:

The Challenge where the participants will then be split into two unlikely groups and further partnered into couples. We will work closely with a representative from your Human Resources Department in order to ensure that there is a constant mix within the corporate strata. Each group will be assigned one of our professionally trained dance instructors, forming two groups, with each group learning the same dance, to the same music, practicing and perfecting their individual 15-second routines.

The Third Phase

The Competition where each couple from each group will perform their routine in front of an impartial three Judge Panel, provided by the studio, which will crown one winning couple from each of the two groups.

It is in the final phase of the exercise that the essence of Team Building will be most evident. Partnership dancing is one of the most effective methods of building trust in the work community developing a greater overall team and competitive spirit, where the participants learn to strategize, support, encourage each other – forge strong bonds geared towards reaching a shared goal, all which translates into greater productivity, increased profits and a positive caring work environment.

All participants will experience a sense of accomplishment that will be long lasting and beneficial on both a personal and professional level.

The event will conclude with a group class recap of the dance learned along with a celebration for the Team winners and all participants in the event.

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