Our Studio Experience

Celebrating 100 years of dancing, Arthur Murray International, corporation welcomes The Arthur Murray Grande Ballroom of Greenwich to the family.

Conveniently located at 6 Lewis Street in the heart of downtown Greenwich, the studio includes an elegant reception area and a lovely waiting room always stocked with refreshments. Arthur Murray Greenwich makes every student and visitor feel comfortable and ready to dance.

Under the new ownership and management of Ricardo Sopin and Iraida Volodina, Arthur Murray Greenwich welcomes one and all to visit and share in its love of dance. Arthur Murray Greenwich has recruited top dancers from the region to run each and every class. From private lessons to customized dance programs for brides and grooms to be (and wedding parties too!), to dancing for seniors, and even children, through its Future Leaders Scholarship Program, Arthur Murray Greenwich promises the best, most supportive, and most fun dance environment anywhere.