How We Teach

Private Lessons

At Arthur Murray Grande Ballroom of Greenwich, we understand that every student is different. That’s why each and every one of your private lessons is custom tailored to fit your specific needs. Every aspect, including step patterns, technique, and styling, are personalized by your instructors to match your goals and learning style.

But don’t forget that learning to dance should be FUN as well as effective! Friendly energetic instructors, exciting music, and lots of people who love to dance are never in short supply. Whether you’re learning for fun, exercise, competition, or a special event, you will always have a great time learning to dance at Arthur Murray Grande Ballroom of Greenwich!

Group Class

Group Classes give you the opportunity to learn and practice in a friendly and supportive group environment. Our instructors focus on step patterns and techniques designed to build strong dance habits and improve skills such as lead and follow. They are also a great opportunity to meet other students and practice your dancing with different partners. Additionally, any new material introduced during group classes can be reviewed and expanded upon during your private lessons.

Practice Parties

Our famously exciting weekly practice parties provide a great opportunity for students to “Just Dance”! Practice everything from Salsa to Foxtrot under the lights of our beautiful studio, and see how the skills you’ve learned can pay off on the dance floor! Let your hair down, get a little “crazy”, or just dance with your fellow students and instructors.

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